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Types of Abuse

Financial abuse of the elderly can happen in numerous ways. Family, friends, neighbors and caregivers are the perpetrators in 55% of cases. Our organization helps people avoid these crimes, and losing their hard-earned assets. Here are some typical crimes:

  • Abuse of Power of Attorney Authorization; This Is One of the Fastest Growing Crimes in America
  • Fake Charities
  • Telemarketing & Sweepstakes Scams
  • Deceiving an Elderly Person to Sign Loan Papers or Withdrawal Slips
  • Forging an Elder's Signature
  • Use of Counterfeit Checks or Debit Cards to Drain an Elder's Bank Account
  • Theft of Wallets Containing Identification, Credit & Bank Cards
  • Theft of Mail, including Bank, Credit Card Statements, Preapproved Credit Offers, Telephone Calling Cards, & Tax Information
  • Investment Fraud
  • Announcements of a "Prize" That the Elderly Person Has Won but Must Pay Money to Claim
  • Call the Victim's Credit Card Issuer, Pretend to Be That Individual, Change the Mailing Address on the Account, Then Run up Charges on the Account; Because the Bills Go to the New Address, the Victim May Not Immediately Realize There's a Problem
  • Establish Phone or Cellular Phone Service in the Victim's Name
  • Open a Bank Account in the Victim's Name & Write Bad Checks on That Account
  • File for Bankruptcy under the Victim's Name to Avoid Paying Debts Incurred under That Name, or to Avoid Eviction