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Prevent Abuse

Elder Financial Protection Network is a coalition of financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and social services agencies committed to preventing the growing problem of financial abuse of elders and dependent adults. Join with us to prevent abuse in the following ways:

Be Active in Your Community

EFPN provides financial literacy information and community education events for elders throughout California and beyond. Help elders in your community learn how to avoid becoming a victim of elder financial abuse. Call 707.981.8403 for information about sponsorship opportunities.

Launch an Awareness Campaign

EFPN has created a Be Wise community outreach tool kit with sample brochures, statement stuffers, posters, web and newsletter content for your customers and community. You can learn more about our program by reading our materials.

Encourage Your Organization

Support our elder education and financial abuse prevention programs. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible, as the law allows. Make a secure online donation via PayPal™.